A vastly out-of-date list of personal projects, better checking my open-source contributions on GitHub

stevenwilkin.com stevenwilkin.com on GitHub
This site, which is currently running on Sinatra
life.stevenwilkin.com life.stevenwilkin.com on GitHub
An experimental lifestream app developed with Sinatra
A novelty site created to help me learn Rails
hometi.me hometi.me on GitHub
Another novelty site, implemented with Sinatra and JavaScript, hosted on Heroku
isitraininginbelfast.com isitraininginbelfast.com on GitHub
An experiment in Ruby, cron and screen-scraping
movies.stevenwilkin.com movies.stevenwilkin.com on GitHub
A small Rails app to manage my DVD collection
io.gd io.gd on GitHub
A trivial URL shortening service developed with Rails
istrending.com istrending.com on GitHub
A small Twitter/Google Images mashup powered by Sinatra